216 // Victoria Mussi – Transitions

Paraguayan artist VICTORIA MUSSI's forthcoming release on Inbetween is a must-have!

Victoria Mussi is one of the driving forces of the underground music scene in Paraguay. She is a co-founder of the mighty nightclub Tango in the capital Asunción and owner of the eclectic label Inbetween. Inspired by the symmetry of urban and industrial aesthetics, she proposes a style spectrum where the classic components of House merge with the futuristic essence of Techno both in her sets and compositions.

Her forthcoming release is no exception. Her brand-new album, “Phonology of Life”, to be released on her own imprint, delivers eight fresh and moving originals that showcase Victoria’s proper production skills.

The track we chose to review/premiere, “Transitions”, is definitely one of the highlights of the LP. A deep and rich 130-BPM theme with mesmerising soulful vocal hooks topping a crispy and upbeat percussive layer and featuring melodic and enchanting piano riffs plus ethereal and trippy pads. Too bad it is only 4.59 long, such a beautiful piece could have had an extended version.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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