217 // Axel Sundelin – Astroglide

U're Guay Records releases a powerful compilation to celebrate Pride Month, and we have the privilege of premiering Axel Sundelin's contribution. It's a blast!

Montevideo-based U’re Guay Records proudly presents a various-artist release in honour of Pride Month, a fat compilation made up of eclectic and diverse sounds from around the globe. “As a label, we believe that music is the universal language that can bring some light even in these dark times”, said Panko, curator of the label.

Including works from James Rod (SXDNS099), Pepo Fernandez, Orchid, Corporal Moore, Ruksby (SXDNS256), we.amps, Manu Barcelo, Imanol, Colau, Axel Sundelin, Nightdrive, Aleito, and Panko himself, the thirteen-track VA encompasses both upbeat & colourful themes and dark & shadowy pieces. Yes, there is something for every kind of taste – and mood.

The tune we were solicited to review/premiere is defined by its own creator as “queer techno”. Axel Sundelin, a creative and proficient artist from Canada, named his collaboration to the release after a lubricant. In his “Astroglide”, the intensity is delivered by a vociferous and piercing acid layer, whose interruption on 02.21 by an emotive and inspiring synth pad will give you a few seconds of a deserved break so that you can catch your breath and deal with more vociferous and piercing acid until the end.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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