219 // Grooveclowd – Flyte Of The Wedge Tail

If you like Balearic summer vibes, this is for you: Australian band Grooveclowd lands on the Ukrainian label Dug Up The Bongo with a hot & breezy release.

Kimberley Galpin (keys/synths), Nathan Good (keys/bass/vocals), Eleyan Di Palma (vocals/keys/synths) and occasionally Venus Abalero (guitar/bass) are the masterminds behind the prolific Australian band Grooveclowd. Their eclectic sonority wanders in and out of a plethora of music genres and lands for the first time on the interesting Ukrainian label Dug Up The Bongo. Based in Kyiv, the imprint is considered a centre of tropical escapism that focuses on releasing modern World Music infused with Earthy and Martian influences.

On “Perceptions Of The Sonic”, Grooveclowd delivers four beautiful original pieces that showcase the versatility and creativity of the band. With a Balearic atmosphere conveyed through House Music and Trip-Hop elements, the EP is entirely devoted to triggering summer feelings and good mood wherever and whenever you listen to it.

The track we chose to review/premiere, “Flyte Of The Wedge Tail”, is wealthy in exquisite percussive elements, including an enthralling kalimba-like layer topped by trippy synth pads and imbued with funky guitar riffs. It pairs perfectly with flip-flops and a few caipirinhas.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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