218 // Umvral Feat. Mad Slow – El Instinto (Original Mix)

Forthcoming on Veneno, a mighty collaboration between Mexican artists Umvral & Mad Slow.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “instinct” can be defined as “the way people or animals react or behave without having to think or learn about it; a natural ability that helps you decide what to do or how to act without thinking”. Translate the word into Spanish and you have the single “El Instinto”, Umvral (FREEDL018) and Mad Slow’s forthcoming release on the lethal and hazardous Mexican label Veneno.

Featuring a powerful original and three robust remixes – provided by Animam (SXDNS083), Enjanzea2, and Globemaster (SXDNS153) –, the pack showcases the characteristic sonority of the Mexico City-based imprint: A spicy amalgamation of Techno, Minimal, and Trance, infused with shards of cosmic dust and dark matter.

Despite the high quality of the remixes, we decided to follow our instincts and opted to review/premiere the original: And it’s a masterpiece, peeps! Umvral and Mad Slow joined forces, sipped a few mezcal shots and delivered something impressive and intense. The bouncing bassline, the arpeggiated synth layers, the caliente Spanish lyrics, elements that, together, resulted in a hellish piece devoted to wreaking havoc on the dance floor.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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