228 // Juan Soto aka Juan To Tree – Danza Ritual

Juan Soto aka Juan To Tree lands on Espacio CIELO with an exciting and vibrant release.

Coming soon on Espacio Cielo, a release from an artist the Spanish label has been for a long time looking very much forward to having on board: Acclaimed Mexican producer Juan Soto presents his brand-new alter ego, Juan To Tree, delivering a fresh EP with two original tracks dedicated to mother earth in which he shines both as a producer and vocalist. In the remixes, Barko takes the vibe to a more acidic field seasoned with drums in breaks style, while Pastor, a member of the band Jeff Mental, is carried away by Latin influences and bass music.

It is still not clear the exact sonority we can expect from this new moniker, Juan’s versatility and multi-talents allow him to flirt with whatever soundscape he is willing to explore. He began his career as an independent music producer and DJ in 2006 and since then has been active in various fields of electronic music, being part of the duo called Moon Runner and also collaborating with Mexican and international artists such as Bufi, Avanti, Rodion, Lou Teti, AIMES, among others.

In the track we chose to premiere/review, “Danza Ritual”, Juan explores his Disco-Not-Disco & Techno-Not-Techno influences. The result is a groovy and stomping Indie-Dance-infused theme, whose main elements – the minimalistic vocals and the bouncing synth layers – deliver an energetic piece with high danceability. We are looking forward to checking Juan’s future endeavours under his new alias.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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