227 // Voltags – Fuck The President

We had the pleasure of reviewing one of the tracks from the debut release of the Brazilian/German duo Voltags on the brand-new label Suçuarana Records. Music with attitude here!

In a survey published on July 8th this year in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, most respondents consider the Brazilian President (whose name will not be mentioned here) “dishonest, false, incompetent, unprepared, indecisive, authoritarian, and unintelligent”. We could not agree more! And as strong critics of the imbecile, we got really excited when we were solicited to review a track called “Fuck The President”, to be released soon on the label Suçuarana Records, the result of a collaboration between Berlin/São Paulo-based artists.

Voltags arises from the fusion between the Brazilian performer Volatille with the German producer Gats. Synthesized songs, distorted guitars, and a Cyber/Post-Punk aura accompanied by Vola’s aggressive, mocking, and sexual voice.

“Chaos Center”, the duo’s debut EP, carries a cellular atmosphere of telemarketing, transmedia calls that cross and intersect in a zeitgeist Cold Turkey of the current anti-virtual “pandemusic”. The album is also an exhibition of photographs by Brazilian visual artist and performer Nube Abe. In the remix duties, Martinelli and Zopelar bring quite different interpretations to increase the quality of the already solid release.

With a strong message and a compelling attitude, “Fuck The President” brings in its lyrics two more adjectives to be added to the list of attributes of the idiot: serial killer and genocidal. Brazil has lost so far almost 550.000 souls to COVID-19, mainly due to the lack of a proper mass vaccination plan to control the crisis.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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