234 // Mverto Futura – Kerial Siller (Mike Rowave Remix)

Next on Bonkers, Mverto Futura remixed by Mike Rowave, Tapia, and Kitschy Kitsch.

Having started its activities at the end of 2019, Guadalajara-based label Bonkers has already established itself as one of the most prominent Mexican platforms for the release of good quality underground music. In its catalogue, rising and established names of the Latino scene showcase proper production skills delivering originals and remixes that would fit perfectly on any dance floor in the world.

For its fifth release of the year, Bonkers proudly presents Javier Celis, the mastermind behind Mverto Futura, a promising multi-instrumentalist Guatemalan producer whose previous works appeared on vital Indie Dance/Dark Disco imprints such as Veneno, Controlla, Sonido Moderna, Quixotical, and Oberwave. For his ludicrously named “Kerial Siller” EP, Javier cooked two spicy originals and had the collaboration of chefs Mike Rowave, Kitschy Kitsch (SXDNS078), and Tapia who prepared three remixed side dishes.

The track we chose to review/premiere comes from the hands of Miguel Novella aka Mike Rowave, also from Guatemala and part of the Sonido Moderna family, a label recently created by acclaimed artist Fabio Me llaman Soltero (SXDNS187). For his version of the title track, Mike delivered an absurd Cosmic Funky interpretation. The groovy breakbeats and slappy bassline paired perfectly, and the result is a slower and sexier piece with high danceability. Well done, lad!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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