235 // Vooz Brothers – Emotional Intelligence

For the lovers of good quality Deep House out there, you might like the debut release of the Tel Aviv-based duo Vooz Brothers on Hazy Days.

The interesting Israel-based duo Vooz Brothers, formed by veteran and respected local artists Danny Tuval and Ziv “Zigo” Goland, are having a busy 2021 with a string of well-crafted releases. Devoted to triggering good vibes only with their melodic and harmonic sonority, the talented lads have already released solid originals and remixes on acclaimed Progressive/Deep House labels, such as Caballero, SwitchLab, Street King, Beat Boutique, Manual Music, among others.

They make their debut on the small but promising Berlin-based label Hazy Days with the upbeat and yet relaxed single “Emotional Intelligence”. If the focus of the imprint is on chilling beats suitable for hazy days, it could not be more well-served. The Vooz bros delivered exactly the kind of track showcased by the German platform on its catalogue.

“Emotional Intelligence” combines beautiful synth layers with emotive pads, topping percussive and groovy elements and featuring sober speech vocals, in order to provide a laid-back and serene piece with a high level of danceability, though.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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