236 // Residentes Balearicos – Cachonda (Gallo Oltremar Mix)

Beautiful Balearic remix by Gallo (Buena Onda) for the forthcoming Residentes Balearicos' release on Balearic Ensemble! Yes, it is Balearic!

Let’s go Mediterranean, shall we?

Barcelona-based label Balearic Ensemble lands for the first time on our platform featuring the remixed versions of Residentes Balearicos’ “Simplemente Cachonda”, EP previously released in July. Gallo, LuVa (Lukkas + Da Silva, label owner), and Residentes themselves let the creativity juice flow wildly and freely to provide interesting (re)interpretations of the beautiful originals.

We were solicited to premiere Gallo’s remix, the man behind Berlin’s long-running Balearic club night Buena Onda. “His rework of ‘Cachonda'”, wrote Mikey Sibson on the PR text, “shuffles along a half-lit beachfront on the precipice between night and day, a low-slung beat carried through by an orchestra of warblers and songbirds soaking up the last rays of sunlight. A breezy, piano-led ode to life in the slow lane”.

And we agree with Mikey: Gallo’s version does take you to places! While you listen to it, don’t forget to have in hand a cold beverage, preferably a gin tonic with a small slice of orange peel inside.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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