238 // Mishell – Lost My Bongo’s (Alf Champion Remix)

Fabio Me Llaman Soltero's label, Sonido Moderna, delivers its second release featuring this time Mishell remixed by ALF CHAMPION, Balam, and Mike Rowave!

If Guatemala is on the map of the Dark Disco/Indie Dance scene, it is because of the global recognition Fabio Me Llaman Solteiro (SXDNS187) has achieved as a DJ and producer. Now, in order to consolidate even more the importance of the Caribbean country to the high-quality underground music world, Fabio established the project Sonido Moderna, a micro-label and music collective devoted to showcasing the interesting Central American sonority through the release of original pieces and collaborations with international artists.

After the acclaimed debut album, a compilation featuring local heroes Alan Es, Mike Rowave, Mverto Futura, and Fabio himself, plus Martian Superstars Hanzo & Yaman (SXDNS065), ID_UA (SXDNS229), MIJO, Max Jones (SXDNS234), among others, the second episode – “Gentel Decay” EP – brings together Israeli producer Mishell (SXDNS228) and a Latino Dream Team: ALF CHAMPION, Balam (SXDNS048), and Mike Rowave, who provided savoury remixes.

The track we chose to review/premiere brings ALF CHAMPION, an experimental producer, DJ, and visual artist from Guadalajara, Mexico, remodelling and overhauling the already intricate “Lost My Bongo’s”. The Shamanic aura of the original is still present in ALF’s version but is now not so evident. The Mexican virtuoso took Mishell’s theme to a more breakbeat and old school rave-ish road whose outcome is a track more embodied and dirtier, ready to wreak havoc on the dance floor. Hats off, lad!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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