241 // Lusca & Andrem – Fake Expectations (Sequencers Remix)

The respected Mexican label Innisfallen Records is finally back! LUSCA & Andrem teamed up to deliver an EP free of "Fake Expectations". On the remix duties, Undefined Pattern and Sequencers.

Solid Mexican label Innisfallen Records is finally back on track to deliver its first (better-late-than-never) release of the year: “Fake Expectations” comes from the minds of Lusca (SXDNS216) & Andrem and features two beefy originals plus three fat remixes made with love by Undefined Pattern (SXDNS197) – who contributed with two interesting versions of the title track – and Sequencers.

Lusca and Andrem are more than used to working in partnership with other artists: The former, along with MUFTI, forms the accomplished duo Los Fugazzi; while the latter, together with Montessori, establishes FLXXX, another gifted and esteemed duo.

The track we were solicited to premiere was carefully cooked by Daniel and Gilberto Cornejo, the brothers behind the… yes, duo Sequencers. Inspired by different music tastes, they use their disparate influences to deliver a mixed sonority, combining their independent takes from the huge scope the underground music has to offer and handing over something very particular.

For their interpretation of “Fake Expectations”, the lads decided to speed up the original a little bit (from 108 to 115 BPM) and immerse it into a darker atmosphere. The dirtier and more energetic version, full of distortions and elements, seems to be the result of letting two kids fooling around with vintage studio equipment and midi controllers. Gloominess at its best, but with a powerful groove. We liked it!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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