240 // ANIMAM – Gamma Hypno

ANIMAM's contribution to the forthcoming compilation of the Mexican label WVWV is a 140-BPM hell of a tune!

It’s rave time, peeps! ANIMAM (SXDNS083) wreaks havoc in his contribution to the forthcoming compilation of the brand-new Mexican label WVWV. His “Gamma Hypno” is a frenzied 140-BPM track that brings back recollections of the good old times we used to dance at such speed for hours and hours. Nothing against slo-mo chuggers, of course, but we haven’t been on a dance floor for more than a year now, and it would be simply great to go nuts at 140 again when we have the opportunity.

This is not the first time ANIMAM delivers a high stamina piece. His 2021 releases so far have been aiming at peak time: Remixes for ØBLVN and Umvral & Mad Slow on Veneno and an original on Null Recs range from 131 to 136 BPM.

The intensity “Gamma Hypno” delivers does not come only from its steam, but also from the elements ANIMAM proficiently brought together: The throbbing bassline, the trippy synth layer, and the humming-like acid lead provide a hellish and frantic tune, kind of reminding part of the vast output of legendary Underworld back in the days.

Not available for purchase anymore! :~)

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