244 // Berny – Body Tremble

Veteran DJ and producer BERNY (In Dark We Trust) debuts on mighty Nein Records with a solid release. A "KA-POW!" Tronik Youth remix completes the EP.

The so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene has been gathering an interesting concoction of DJs and producers from many other music genres under its wings. From young wannabes to established artists, from Boogie lovers to Tech(no) heads, the list of names who decided to explore the “new” genres, either using their long-held stage names or creating new monikers, has been steadily growing, bringing new influences and sonorities to enrich even more the good quality underground electronic music world.

Amid these keen enthusiasts is none other than Berny, the curator of the renowned mixtape series In Dark We Trust. Formerly an accomplished Deep & Tech House virtuoso, Berny has been exploring his Indie/Nu Disco influences for quite some time. This may help to explain his decision to channel – if not entirely, but meaningfully – his most recent efforts into the Post-Punk-meets-Kraut-Rock-meets-Cold-Wave-meets-Italo-Disco soundscape of the rising scene.

His “Give It To Me”, on mighty Nein Records, is his first pure dark blood EP. Snippets of what was about to come appeared previously on compilations released by Boite Music, Duro, and Ninefont in which Berny surfaced collaborating with “Indie” veterans. Now, with three well-crafted originals and one sturdy remix by the label boss himself, Tronik Youth (SXDNS050), his forthcoming endeavour definitely screams to the world that the Pandora’s Box is open, and all his shadowy and gloomy influences escaped voraciously.

Premiered here, “Body Tremble”, the opening theme of the EP, delivers a frenzied and pulsating atmosphere from its very beginning. The sexy vocals, the vibrant bassline, and the guitar-like riffs, combined, literally trigger tremors (good ones, though) when loud listened to and danced to.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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