247 // Renuna – Me Encanta Estar Cruzado (Fausto Remix)

Mega release by Renuna on NUFF MUSIC! On the remix duties, none other than Fausto & Alex Aguayo.

The forthcoming release on respected NUFF MUSIC brings some of the finest Latino talents of the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene. The rising Argentinian duo Renuna (FREEDL028), formed by Cali Burton & Santiago Sosa aka TOTS, invited a couple of friends to contribute with cool remixes for their debut on the Mexican label: None other than Fausto (SXDNS064) and Alex Aguayo (FREEDL038 as Mahkina).

The EP, “Nos Tienen Encerrados”, brings two well-crafted original pieces that immerse us in the universe of influences both Cali and Santiago have individually amassed over the years but decided to explore collectively.

Arpeggiating the hell out of the original, Fausto provided a playful and insightful interpretation of “Me Encanta Estar Cruzado”. The Sinaloa-based producer, who also debuts on NUFF, is considered one of the most talented artists of the Mexican scene, especially because he managed, at such a young age, to achieve something that normally takes many, many years of pursuit: A trademark sonority. Whenever you bump into one of his works, expect spicy percussive elements combined with retro-futuristic synth layers. The result: Extreme darkness with utmost groove.

And before you ask: Yes, his take of Renuna’s theme follows the infallible formula.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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