249 // Kolegos – Bender

Lithuanian duo Kolegos lands on Berlin Bass Collective with a stunning Italo Disco-infused EP.

When BBC stands for The British Broadcasting Corporation, we don’t give a damn to these unscrupulous liars. When it stands for Berlin Bass Collective, then we are all ears. Their motto “we’re here to make you dance (and) support good people who make good music” is definitely something we can stand behind. For their forthcoming release, they open the doors for Kolegos, a promising Berlin-based duo formed by Lithuanian producers Eugenijus Konstantinovas and Matas Bernotas, respectively Genys & Mountak.

Despite being fellow countrymen, the lads come from different music backgrounds, and this is what makes their sonority quite interesting. If Mountak is more a Disco & House Music buff, Genys is extremely more eclectic, encompassing under his wings a plethora of genres such as Jazz Fusion, Neo Soul, Wonky Beats, Reggae, Dub, Electro Funk, Afrobeat, and beyond.

For “Petnat”, their debut release on BBC, they brought together their disparate music upbringings and delivered three insightful originals, resulting in a sweaty 80s dance party in a hot Berlin basement with heavy synth Italo vibes.

Premiered here, “Bender”, whose title is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “a period during which a large amount of alcohol is drunk”, is definitely the kind of soundtrack we would like to have in the background while on an alcohol spree. Featuring a hefty bassline topped with upbeat and playful synth layers, “Bender” is an astounding Italo-Disco-meets-Indie-Dance piece devoted to helping you wreak havoc on your… bender.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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