251 // Ludviq – Udhetim (Pino Remix)

What an interesting remix Georgian producer Pino made for Ludviq's forthcoming release on Nein Records.

Guadalajara-based producer Luis Fernando aka Ludviq has been having a busy 2021 so far delivering a solid string of releases on acclaimed labels such as Emerald & Doreen, HEARec, ODD Pleasures, Quixotical, Maleante, and his very own Bonkers. Now he lands on the mighty British platform Nein Records with a five-track EP divided into two well-carved originals and three out of the box remixes made with love, witchcraft & darkness by Man2.0 (SXDNS081), Hanzo (SXDNS065 along with Yaman), and Pino. The latter is kind of paying off a “debt” with Luis: On “Pitchtek”, Pino’s latest EP on Nein, Ludviq was one of the remixers.

The curious and unfamiliar title of the track we were requested to premiere drew our attention and led us to make a quick research on the web to find out its origin and meaning: “Udhëtim” is the Albanian word equivalent to “trip” in English. Suitable: Both the original and the remix are quite trippy indeed.

For his interesting interpretation, skilled Tbilisi-based producer Konstantin Kandelaki aka Pino combined acid and percussive elements with fat and robust arpeggiated synth layers, the result is a more throbbing and to a certain extent less misty version when compared to Ludviq’s piece. Well, we liked both. Dinosaurs are famous for fancying good ol’ music trips.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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