252 // Durand – E.N.S.

Durand delivered a stunning contribution to the next VA release of OBERWAVE.

Russian Dark Disco Syndicate Oberwave is back with another thrilling VA release to celebrate their anniversary. The volume 4 of their compilation series, as usual, gathers a plural concoction of skilled artists from different corners of our crazy and doomed world: Etane (St. Petersburg), Durand (Córdoba) (SXDNS079), Peaces (Jakarta), PVLOMO (Torreon) (SXDNS098), Ruksby (Moscow) (SXDNS256), and Хеrоsоrex (Milan) brought their characteristic soundscapes together and provided an interesting EP clad in darkness and lustiness.

The track we were solicited to premiere comes from the creative mind of Durand, whose previous works appeared on vital labels such as Nein, Esthétique, Logical, Factor City, and Latido. Combining his EBM, Industrial, and Electro influences, the Spanish producer, once again, showcases his production resourcefulness by delivering a hell of a track to the compilation.

“E.N.S.” roughly stands for “electronic NASA music” and carries an aggressive and intense atmosphere, full of elements that, together, trigger that wild desire of dancing to it loud in a packed and filthy basement somewhere/anywhere along with friends and strangers feeling that unique sensation of unity that only music provides. A bouncing bassline accompanied by trippy synth leads plus ominous vocal hooks (which are original NASA recordings combined with scream samples) result in a theme that, in our humble opinion, is one of the highlights of the EP.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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