254 // Alberto Melloni – Colla (Vicky Montefusco Remix)

Alberto Melloni debuts on ESTHÉTIQUE with solid remixes by GUYD and Vicky Montefusco.

After appearing on important labels of the Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene such as Spa In Disco, Paradiso Records, Boite Music, Golden Soul, Mango Sounds, Paradise Palms, Inflect, and Midnight People, Alberto Melloni (FREEDL026) makes his debut on another vital imprint, the French powerhouse ESTHÉTIQUE.

Alberto Melloni is an Italian Electro Disco producer, musician, DJ, and co-owner of Raibano Records. In the early days of his musical career, as a guitarist and synths player, he stepped into the stages through Italy and Europe along with many different artists. Today, Alberto carries on his solo project by producing new music somewhere between Disco, Italo, Afro, Techno, and Rock.

For his “Motor Motor” EP on Esthétique, he brought two mighty originals and invited GUYD (FREEDL011) and Vicky Montefusco for the remixes service, and the lads justified the invitation by collaborating with their respective influences and sonorities to boost even more the standard of the release.

Premiered here, Vicky Montefusco’s version of “Colla” brings the Italian young talent flirting with a more tribal and aggressive soundscape. The broken and groovy percussion layer he added combined with a trippy and arpeggiated synth lead may have stripped down the Italo atmosphere of the original, but this is definitely not a problem. Vicky’s interpretation is definitely something we can also go nuts with. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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