255 // East Cho – Wet Asphalt (From Beyond Remix)

Latvian producer East Cho is back on Nein Records with solid remixes by From Beyond and Eyjafjöll.

Based in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, East Cho lands for the third time on mighty Nein Records. After his well-received debut release “Leather & Lasers”, a solid 4-track EP divided into three originals and one remix by Steady State, and a collaboration on Legoheads’ “Necropolis”, his brand-new and interesting work, “Wet Asphalt” EP, also delivers four tracks, but this time divided into two originals and two remixes by From Beyond and Eyjafjöll (SXDNS214).

Musically inspired by the Dark Side of Disco, Cho’s sonority encompasses shards of many a genre, such as EBM, Industrial, Post-Punk, New Wave, and Cold Wave. The outcome of his productions is an insightful concoction of soundscapes whose retro-infused-but-modern aura will make you wish to dance surrounded by bats in a filthy cave.

Premiered here, the magnificent version skilled British artist Alex Wastnidge aka From Beyond made of the title track. In his 112-BPM interpretation, Alex managed to embed an early rave atmosphere even at such low speed, providing a vibrant and frenzied albeit slo-mo theme devoted to triggering good & old school feelings only.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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