257 // Sappho & Damon Boucher – All I Want Is You (Natasha Kmeto Remix)

Sappho & Damon Boucher remixed by Natasha Kmeto for a forthcoming release on brand-new Koritsi Komma Records.

Landing for the first time on our platform, Koritsi Komma Records is a dance music label based out of Portland, Oregon. Their aim: To raise the visibility of queer party music in the Pacific Northwest and abroad. Sappho (SXDNS044) & Damon Boucher release their second single, “All I Want Is You”, from their forthcoming LP, “The Desire Suite”, featuring a magnificent remix by American singer and producer Natasha Kmeto.

“All I Want Is You” takes its inspiration from the daytime Sunday Tea Dances common to the queer community. In the Pacific Northwest, as the rain stops in late spring, the warm weather electrifies the city bringing everyone outside to celebrate the return of the sun. This piece captures the energy of that party – where the attendees meet, twirl, and celebrate in the community spaces. It’s a flirty moment, to be sure.

Skilled artist Natasha Kmeto created a remix in which she infuses her personal flavour on the track – utilizing her signature sonority and own vocal samples, she invokes the cold nights spent clubbing at warehouses in the PNW. The icy club beats set the tone for her version while the vocal samples fade in and out, posing the theme’s only lyrics as a question. Are you all I really want? As the tune progresses, the bouncing bassline and repeated vocals serve as an answer to that question.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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