258 // Le Jeune Flück – Sweeping Thoughts (REES Remix)

Fellow Frankfurters Le Jeune Flück land on Paradiso Records with a stunning 7-track EP! Remixes by Elliott Lion & REES, by the way.

Lucas Lejeune & Carsten Fluck are Le Jeune Flück, a young and promising producer duo based in Frankfurt, Germany. Having previously appeared on respected Indie Dance/Nu Disco labels such as Moonbootique, U’re Guay, Clipp.Art, and Sinchi, the lads make their debut on Paradiso Records with “Remeasure”, an interesting 7-track EP, broadly inspired by the exciting electronic music legacy FFM and its surroundings bear and devoted to helping the duo to carve their own.

The multitude of sounds featured on the release got some boost provided by Elliott Lion and Rees, the label boss himself, who jumped in with their respective influences and delivered two insightful and beautiful remixes.

The track we chose to review/premiere brings Rees having probably not his first rodeo with the peculiar sonority that emanates from the bedrooms, garages, basements, and studios in Hessen and takes over the dance floors not only throughout the region but also across other neighbourhoods. If you have ever been to Robert Johnson (based in Offenbach, and not in Frankfurt as many magazines and blogs insist on publishing wrong), you know what we are talking about. Big Rees competently manages to hand over a remix that would perfectly blend amid the kind of thing that we, Frankfurters & Offenbachers, like around here.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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