270 // Florin Büchel – Multiple Discovery

Florin Büchel debuts on MM Discos with a vital EP for the Balearic/Downtempo fans out there.

Forthcoming on the interesting Berlin/Barcelona-based label MM Discos, Florin Büchel’s “Serendipity”, a Balearic as hell four-track EP carved with a charming laid-back style, cheerful melodies, and playful percussions, something rather different from his output as C C O (Contra Communem Opinionem), through which the skilled and creative Swiss producer explores darker sounds such as Acid and Electro. Two solid remixes by Romain FX and Bonnie & Kleine wrap up the release.

Always loyal to his love for analogue machines, Florin’s sunnier and more hedonist productions put to test his versatility – and he fails to disappoint. Premiered here, his “Multiple Discovery” is a gorgeous and sensual 100-BPM piece, full of tropical vibes mainly provided by its smooth and sandy synth layers plus its bouncing and breezy bassline, a theme definitely devoted to triggering warm summer feelings during the cold season.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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