294 // Heidenreich – XYXYXX

Our dear friend Heidenreich makes his debut on ODD Pleasures featuring awesome remixes by Mishell & Nick Hanzo.

ODD Pleasures is a still small but already respected label founded by the beloved duo Random Atlas (SXDNS155/FREEDL024), a creative and innovative Berlin-based Chilean project with a solid string of originals & remixes released on Esthétique, HEARec, Quixotical, and their own imprint itself.

Making his debut on “lil’ ODD”, skilled producer Heidenreich (SXDNS142/FREEDL003) brings to life his new EP “Gitarren im Darkroom”. A carefully crafted sonic journey through the subconscious landscapes of a twisted mind. Loaded with metallic percussion and syncopated rhythms, the EP is characterized by mysterious atmospheres, rolling basslines and beefy beats topped with complex and obscure vocals provided by Timo Heidenreich himself on the title track and German-French artist ANGST vor GRETA on “Die Göttliche Bewegung”.

Dirty guitars and psychotic synth melodies are the main ingredients of this freaked-out recipe, depicting a certainly explosive and catchy formula characteristically decorated with Heidenreich’s always present pinches of exotic flavours. Rounding up the EP, remixes made with love by Tel Aviv’s mighty producer Mishell (SXDNS228) and Hanzo, head of Vienna based label Belly Dance Services and half of the duo Hanzo & Yaman (SXDNS065).

Premiered here, “XYXYXX”, the fifth and last but not least track of the EP, is a true ode to acid lines and their psychedelic effects. A minimalistic cut with a beautiful and intoxicating acid layer plus hallucinogenic FXs, whispered vocals, and a bouncing bassline. An excellent finish for an excellent and out-of-the-ordinary release.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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