296 // Ruksby & MAN2.0 – So Familiar

If you are into dark & cold music and helping animals find a home, this social compilation from Berlin-based community DARKDISCO.ORG is for you! We reviewed Ruksby & MAN2.0's collab to the occasion. Read the review and get more familiar with the donation process, will you? 🐶 🐱

Berlin-based platform DARKDISCO.ORG kicks off 2022 with a beautiful release: A 12-track NAME YOUR PRICE VA album whose profits will be donated to help the local animal shelter. Several artists from across the world were invited to the project, delivering a wide scope of genres and soundscapes: Romance Disaster, Morze (SXDNS151), Randolph & Mortimer vs. Vittorio Di Mango, Zimo, Ruksby (SXDNS256) & MAN2.0 (SXDNS081/FREEDL002), James Demon, One Flesh Infektion, Psilodump & Berlin Bunny, Kokeshi Milk, Gegen Mann (SXDNS220), Format Error, and Notausgang spared no efforts to provide top-notch pieces.

Premiered here, the hammer collaboration between acclaimed British artist MAN2.0 and rising Russian producer Ruksby. “So Familiar” brings the duo successfully flirting with their EBM, Industrial & Cold Wave influences, resulting in a mighty and sturdy theme with a fat and bouncing bassline topped with proper percussive elements and crisp arpeggiated synth layers. We honestly expect the lads get together more often to bring to life more cuts like this.

Important notes for the possible donators out there: The Name Your Price option on Bandcamp will be activated only on the day of the release (14.02.2022). If you prefer PayPal, it is important to choose “Family/Friends” and add “Donation for V/A VOL. 001 FOR ANIMALS [NameYourPrice]” as a description before making the transfer to

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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