304 // Andy Buchan – Take Me Dancing

Giant Andy Buchan is back to Citizens Of Vice!

Andy Buchan (SXDNS012) is finally back to Citizens Of Vice. This should suffice for this review, but let’s go a little longer, shall we?

Having already had his edits, originals and remixes released on mighty Nu Disco labels such as Sprechen, Tropical Disco, Rare Wiri, Boite Music, Paper Disco, Masterworks, Midnight Riot, Spa In Disco, Citizens Of Vice itself, and his very own Hot Gorilla, Andy is definitely one of the most acclaimed and respected artists of the genre out there. In his new EP, “Piano Hands”, Andy delivers three original cuts spanning the House & Disco frontiers while Glenn Davis gets in on the remix action with a glorious interpretation of the title track.

Premiered here, “Take Me Dancing” is a true Modern/New/Neo/Nu (you decide) Disco affair; an upbeat and joyful theme with extra-squelchy synth layers combined with throbbing arpeggios plus (lots of) claps, resulting in an irrefutable invitation to the dance floor. A theme that lives up to its name, that’s what we have here.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Juno Download page of the label.

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