305 // Ivan De La Rouch & Rams – Diskobrute (Disco Mortale Remix)

Next on NUFF MUSIC: Ivan De La Rouch & Rams remixed by none other than Azaria and Disco Mortale.

The always interesting Mexican label NUFF MUSIC finally starts its 2022 season! For the 12th EP of the acclaimed imprint, Madrid-based artists Rams & Ivan De La Rouch (FREEDL022/032) teamed up again – the lads have already had previous collaborations released on Espacio Cielo and Golden Soul Records. This time, they bring to life “Diskobrute”, a mighty and cosmic Indie Dance-inclined single featuring fat remixes by Azaria (SXDNS076 as Dirt Track, a duo formed along with Javier Busto) and Disco Mortale, the new alter ego of Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137/FREEDL006). Premiered here, the latter’s contribution, by the way.

If Daniele Labbate tends to explore more his Italo Disco influences when he releases under his main and most prolific moniker, Daniel Monaco, as Disco Mortale he leans into the realms of EMB, Techno/Disco hybrid sounds and Acid vibes. For his interpretation of “Diskobrute”, DM kept the main elements of the original but blended them with more robust and darker ingredients, such as an obscene bassline, a boisterous synth layer, and ominous vocals, resulting in another top-notch piece from this essential artist.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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