308 // Pawel Kobak – Deep Sea Creatures (Original Mix)

For its forthcoming release, the Swedish label When Disco Goes Wrong presents seasoned producer Pawel Kobak.

Swedish label When Disco Goes Wrong, curated by local heroes Mindbender and Högt I Tak (SXDNS179), features seasoned DJ and producer Pawel Kobak for its 13th release. No remixes this time, only originals– and extremely well-produced originals, we’d say. It was a tough mission to choose one to premiere/review. In his “BuzzBuzz” EP, Pawel showcases his ability to bring together his (many) influences, delivering an interesting concoction of soundscapes. Deep, Progressive, and Classic House elements combined with shards of Trance and Techno, that’s what we found when were getting familiar with the EP.

The chosen one, “Deep Sea Creatures”, despite its aquatic-inspired title, enchants with an enticing cosmic atmosphere. Presenting a restless minimalistic synth lead, the theme reaches its zenith when the gorgeous Bizarre-Inc-meets-Marshall-Jefferson-inspired piano line takes the stage, providing an “oh yes, right there, this is it!” moment.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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