307 // HNQO – Until I’m Done

Acclaimed Brazilian producer HNQO is back on Hazy Days with a proper Deep House cut.

When it comes to high-quality Brazilian Deep House, Curitiba-based Henrique Oliveira aka HNQO is definitely amid the most influential producers of his generation. With solid originals and remixes released on local and international vital imprints of the genre such as Warung, Get Physical Music, Defected, Hot Creations, Off Spin, NastyFunk, Clepsydra, and his very own Playperview, HNQO is now back to the still small but rising German label Hazy Days with the single “Until I’m Done”.

Something extremely interesting about HD, by the way, is that the platform just releases singles: one artist, one track. A forgotten format nowadays, but still greatly valuable inasmuch as the team can focus exclusively on the promotion of a sole tune. Smart, in our humble opinion.

Right now, 100% of their attention is on HNQO’s “Until I’m Done”, a cosmic-infused cut with a groovy breakbeat, a fat bassline, lush pads, a nervous synth layer, and a notable acid lead. Elements that, together, result in a melodic and upbeat theme devoted to creating a laidback, yet energizing atmosphere. A must-have for the Deep House lovers out there – in our humble opinion.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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