310 // Øbsidiaän – Dysnomia (Ámbar Remix)

Let's Techno, shall we? 👾 Forthcoming on Barcelona-based label Feinkost Records, "Ecdysis Remixes" by Øbsidiaän. We reviewed Ámbar's version of "Dysnomia", check it out!

For its ninth episode, Spanish-born German-baptized imprint Feinkost presented in 2021 the “Ecdysis” EP by Øbsidiaän, a Barcelona-based duo formed by Mexican artists Hector Tlaseca and Yves Del Rio. On the occasion, “Ecdysis” brought four well-constructed originals filled with broken-beat-oriented grooves blended with heavy basslines, droney sounds and some melodic touches as key elements.

Now, for its eleventh episode, Feinkost brings back Øbsidiaän’s “Ecdysis”, this time featuring four interesting remixes made with love by Ámbar, Svarog, SPEAR, and Fionnlagh, hand-picked talented producers from across the globe who showed their visions from the tracks they respectively chose to transform, twist, bend.

Premiered here, Ámbar’s take of “Dysnomia”. Ámbar is a duo formed in 2016 by the Barcelonian artists Patricia Ferrer and Héctor Sousa aka Hys. They brought the trippy and acid original cut to a different territory, their very own territory: They explored the dance floor potential of “Dysnomia” and provided a more minimalistic and straightforward version, still trippy and acid, but more peak-time driven, we’d say.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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