311 // schnitthart – Plastic ✞

Creative and skilled German producer schnitthart releases his first EP - digital and vinyl formats, by the way.

Max Hieke is schnitthart, a young and skilled Germany-based producer who is about to launch his own label, Electric Affection (cool name, by the way), in order to make his independent releases look sort of more “official”. The debut EP, “Eine Galaxie”, coming soon on digital and vinyl formats, delivers five impeccable originals and showcases Max’s talent and ability to bring seamlessly together his many influences and hand over blue-chip cuts.

The theme we were solicited to premiere/review, “Plastic ✞”, starts impressing with its fat & brawny bass line. Percussive House Music elements establish the groove while an ethereal and angelical vocal pad provides a trippy atmosphere. Then the acid layer drops in, at this very moment you are already totally immersed – with no chance to go back – in the beautiful aura of “Plastic ✞”, a stunning and mesmerizing piece that made us add schnitthart to the list of “artists to keep our Dino-eyes on”.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the artist.

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