313 // David Body – Discotte (Original Mix)

Before you take a peek at David Body's forthcoming EP on KADETT MUSIK, do yourself a favour and open a cold Belgium beer. Preferably, go for a Saison. Thank Dino later for the tip! 😎

Liège is one of the hottest spots in the world when it comes to finding high-quality beers. If you are particularly into Saisons (aka Farmhouse Ales), you need to pay a visit to it anytime soon. Now, if you are a beer lover and an Indie Dance/Synth-House fan, say no more, the Belgium city is the place to be!

Since its debut in June 2020, the label KADETT MUSIK based in, yes, Liège, has been amassing one must-have release after the other. Curated by Laurent Daners aka Danny K7, the imprint has already featured some of the finest local and national heroes such as Vhyce, David Body, O.D.Math, and Danny himself plus a French celebrity: Myrddin (SXDNS277), owner of the still young but already acclaimed Mélopée Records.

For its forthcoming episode, KADETT presents David Body once again. Flying solo this time, David delivers in his new EP, “Discotte”, three retro-infused modern cuts whose message is “shut up and dance!”. Premiered here, the title track brings an upbeat aura, combining Italo Disco elements with a House Music attitude. A you-can-never-go-wrong concoction that resulted in a proper Spring/Summer theme – just in time!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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