325 // Borgetti – Todos Bailamos (Original Mix)

Mexican producer Borgetti makes his debut on Controlla with a dark & frolic EP featuring insightful remixes by Fausto, Deenia, and Skywalker.

Forthcoming on Controlla, the mighty powerhouse curated by the beloved-by-all couple and duo Ali X X Ximena (SXDNS070), the interesting debut EP of young DJ and producer Mauricio Borgetti. Featuring two well-constructed originals – “La Plebada”, the title track, and “Todos Bailamos” –, the EP presents the joyful and competent Indie Dance sonority of another “talent to watch” hailing from Mexico. Completing the party, Fausto (SXDNS064), Deenia and Skywalker jumped in for the remix duties.

The track we chose to premiere brings Borgetti depicting his most playful side. The festive and buoyant synth layers plus the frenzied and restless percussive elements give the impression the kid was having proper fun in the studio while producing the theme. The cosmic-infused pad and retro-ish lead deliver a charming deepness to “Todos Bailamos” (equivalent to “we all dance”, in English). Shall we dance to it? Yes, we shall!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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