326 // Mullet Bros – Oxygen8 (David Body Remix)

The next EP on the rising Belgium label Kadett Musik brings remixed versions of their previously released "Vice City" by Mullet Bros. Premiered here, David Body's contribution to the occasion.

Let’s start this review by talking first about the awesome name of these dudes, shall we? Mullet Bros is one of the most creative and spectacular aliases we have ever seen! And no, this accolade has no connection to the fact that dinosaurs are famous for having worn mullets back in the day. The duo, formed by seasoned Aurelien Stireg & Christian Desnoyers, still at the beginning of their activities playing/producing together, made their debut a couple of months ago on KADETT MUSIC with a 3-original EP called “Vice City”. The positive feedback made Danny K7, the label boss, invite a couple of friends to deliver their insightful interpretations in order to bring to life a remixed version of “Vice City”: Endrik Schroeder, David Body, and Mr. K7 himself exploited their most characteristic influences to provide engaging translations of the Bros’ cuts.

The track we were solicited to premiere comes from the restless mind & hands of Liège-based artist David Body who, at a steady pace, has been becoming one of the most prolific and hottest acts amid the Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene with a string of solid works published on Spanish Espacio Cielo, French Mélopée, German Exploited, and Belgian KADETT itself, for instance.

For his take on “Oxygen8”, he decided to spice things up a little bit: First, going from 118 to 126 BPM. Second, ripping off the Trance-like/trippy aura of the original and replacing it with a more Hi-NRG-infused-with-Italo-Disco-mood-like atmosphere. The result is a peak-time beast devoted to triggering chaos and disorder (the good types, though) on the dance floor.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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