332 // Stockholm Syndrome – Ay See Eye Dee (Did Virgo Remix)

French producer Did Virgo remixed one of the tracks from Stockholm Syndrome's forthcoming EP on NEIN Records. A-C-I-D!

Originally formed in 2013 as a duo, Stockholm Syndrome (SXDNS165) has been a solo project for the last couple of years. Brett Wilson left, Iain Mac stayed, and the show has been going on and on without giving any signs that it will come to an end anytime soon. On the contrary, inasmuch as Iain has delivered a solid string of high-quality material for the last months, having appeared on vital imprints such as Death Decay Magic, Veneno, ESTHÉTIQUE, Paradise Palms, and NEIN, including being part of our Takeover released on the British powerhouse in March.

Owner of a characteristic sonority that combines Disco, Slo-Mo Techno, EBM, and Cold Wave with generous doses of Acid, Stockholm Syndrome is one of the biggest exponents of the Australian Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene. His forthcoming “241” EP on NEIN consolidates such status. Featuring two proper originals and three valuable remixes made with love by Brixx, Minor Circuit, and Did Virgo, the EP is mandatory for the fans of the dark side of music out there.

Premiered here, Did Virgo’s interpretation brings the theme to the dance floor. Explaining: The French producer spiced up things a little bit by going from 99 BPM to 112 BPM, hence increasing the danceability of “Ay See Eye Dee” (A-C-I-D, got it?). Of course that dancing at below 100 is definitely a great experience, but dinosaurs were famous for shaking their booties better at higher speeds back in the day. Anyway, with such a boost the acid line became even more evident, allowing Did to add his own touch without “hurting” the soul of the beautiful original in order to provide a less ominous and more upbeat version.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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