333 // The Machine Soul – Norra Linjen

Swedish producer The Machine Soul is back on Paisley Dark this time featuring a trippy original cut that received proper interpretations by MAN2.0 and Mindbender.

The fifth EP of the interesting British label Paisley Dark, wisely curated by John Paynter (SXDNS123), presents Robert Folkesson aka The Machine Soul. For the occasion, the Stockholm-based producer brought the single “Norra Linjen”, which comes accompanied by frenzied remixes by MAN2.0 (SXDNS081/FREEDL002) and Mindbender.

Having appeared previously on EKORD, When Disco Goes Wrong, and Machine Soul Records (yeah, you guessed right, it’s his own label), Robert’s debut on Paisley was actually last year as part of the “Paisley Dark Edits Box 3”, a two-track “name your price” Bandcamp-only release. The positive feedback his track received paved the way for his return.

Premiered here, the original brings Robert carefully handling heavy acid weaponry and successfully pairing it with deep and dreamy synth layers plus ethereal and mesmerising pad lines. The result is a well-constructed emotive cut devoted to triggering big smiles on your face while dancing to it.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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