337 // Umvral – Viva La Trance

Umvral makes his debut on U're Guay Records with a Trance & Techno-infused EP. IT'S HOT!

The interesting U’re Guay Records brings to life its Vol. 39 presenting Addi de la Cruz aka Umvral (FREEDL018/046), owner of the dangerous and lethal Mexican label Veneno. Hailing from Mexico City, Umvral has been steadily developing quite a solid work as A&R, DJ, and producer, having achieved both local and international recognition not only because of his undeniable talent but also charisma and competence. His works have already appeared on some of the most respected imprints of the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene such as Bonkers, Controlla, Logia, Emerald & Doreen, Quixotical, and his very own Veneno, for instance.

For his debut on the Montevideo-based platform, Addi decided to explore his Trance and Techno influences delivering two fat & smelly peak-time originals. On the remixes duties, Aleito, Cu Da Curuxa, and Parallel (SXDNS319) brought their own traits to the party.

Premiered here, “Viva La Trance” is definitely that kind of track that is devoted to wreaking havoc on the dance floor. Its acid and frenzied atmosphere is mainly established by throbbing and nervous synth layers topped with bleepy and playful laser-like sound effects. Yes, the 134-BPM pace helps a lot to set the mood!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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