338 // reCAPTCHA – Inconsistent Behaviour

British platform Skiptrace presents secretive and skilled producer reCAPTCHA and his savoury Electro-infused EP.

Very little is known about London-based producer reCAPTCHA. He is that kind of artist that decided to construct his career away from the social media spotlight, turning the mission of finding out what he ate yesterday or where he bought his new sneakers into an impossible one. What we can tell about him is that he is a “bleepy bloop enthusiast”, according to his bio on SoundCloud, and that he is about to make his debut on Skiptrace, an interesting label hailing from “Madchester”, UK, devoted to finding grass-roots talents and give them a platform to promote their work either releasing their music, or hosting them on their radio shows or mix series, or booking them to play at their events.

Let’s go back to reCAPTCHA, shall we? His “Inconsistent Behaviour” is an ode to a forgotten era. It’s an EP that reflects his skill and vision as a producer by interplaying with melting 303s, breakbeats, and gnarly basslines, firmly putting his own stamp on the seminal genre of Detroit Electro.

Premiered here, the title track owes its trippy aura to the dreamy synth pads and its stamina to the acid lines reCAPTCHA skilfully constructed to the theme. The restless and frantic synth layers help to deliver a positive and upbeat message that says, “Hey, you over there, forget your ephemeral stories for a second and focus on your real story, especially on this unique moment we are having right here, right now on the dance floor”. Support!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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