348 // Crille & Tamalt – Demon (Cate Hortl Remix)

What a stunning remix by Cate Hortl to Crille & Tamalt's forthcoming release on HEARec! Check it out!

Crille & Tamalt (SXDNS233) debut on HEARec with a malefic EP: “Demon” rises from hell with two blazing originals – the highly danceable title track and the Italo-infused “Reality Theme” – and three sizzling remixes provided by an interesting selection of international artists: Italian heavyweight Lady Maru, French rising star Cate Hortl, and Bolivian virtuoso Guerrero Sound Machine.

The Berlin-based duo fails to disappoint whenever they get together to bring to life their own material. Combining funky grooves with heavy doses of dark sounds, Crille & Tamalt manage to deliver their own characteristic sonority with competence and creativity. Their Cut Edits series and singles self-released on Bandcamp plus their previous EP on Doom Rec. are something you should definitely take a peek at.

Premiered here, Cate Hortl’s remix brings a more aggressive and punchier aura to the original. We could not expect anything different considering her previous works on Ritmo Fatale: Haunted melodies for the dance floor are the expertise of the Parisian producer. Shards of Trance combined with ominous synth riffs and a big & fat bassline resulted in a hellish interpretation of an already fiery cut.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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