347 // Residentes Balearicos – Mojada (Das Komplex Remix)

We had the privilege of reviewing this incredible remix by Das Komplex for the brand-new Residentes Balearicos's EP on Balearic Ensemble. Take a peek, will you?

For those not familiar with the history of dinosaurs, the giant reptiles were crazy for Balearic grooves. Those who managed to flee to outer space before the fateful mass extinction event claim that the big comet hit in the middle of a massive Jurassic luau. At that time, Ibiza-based duo Residentes Balearicos didn’t exist, but their music would certainly conquer the hearts and minds of the clade Dinosauria.

Their forthcoming “Mediterraneo” EP, soon available on the Spanish label Balearic Ensemble in digital and vinyl formats, is a “treasury of wonderful, eclectic dancing music of the highest Balearic order”, wrote Mikey Sibson in the PR text of the release that comes with not one, but two sunny & breezy interpretations of “Mojada” made with love by Das Komplex (SXDNS029): First, a remix; and second, a tropical and mojito-infused Pineapple Bonus Mix.

Premiered here, the remix brings the trippy and mesmerizing original to a more cosmic realm, kind of invoking the early days of Baldelli’s Astro-Funky/Afro-Freestyle with its (incredible amount of) percussive elements, vocal hooks, and distorted riffs. Pure bliss!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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