355 // Mahkina – Autonomy

Under the moniker Mahkina, Alex Aguayo is back on U're Guay Records with a top-notch release!

Alex Aguayo is Mahkina (FREEDL038), a moniker through which the Mexican rising star explores his 90s influences by delivering a sonority more devoted to Trance and early Rave combined with shards of Cosmic Disco. What a concoction, isn’t it? With previous appearances on vital labels such as Haunted Space, DistroKid, Maleante, and U’re Guay, he is now back on the Montevideo-based multi-genre imprint with a trippy and frenzied release: The EP consists of three highly mighty originals and three well-constructed remixes made with love by Gala, Manuel Sahagun, and Imanol, the label boss himself.

The track we chose to review/premiere is maybe the one that best expresses what Alex really intends to deliver under his new alias. “Autonomy” is above all hypnotic and feverish – exactly what is expected from the combination of his Trance & Rave influences. From his Cosmic Disco references, psychedelic and churning melodies supplied by the beautiful arpeggiated synth layers. The result: A peak-time cut devoted to putting big smiles on people’s faces!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

Follow Alex Aguayo aka Mahkina and U’re Guay, peeps!

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