356 // Gimenö – Ports (Live Mix)

This is the first single on Gimenö's first album coming soon on TUTU Records. What a trip!

DJ and producer Aleix Gimeno is releasing an exciting debut album, “MOVEMENT” on Edgar De Ramon’s TUTU Records for his most recent moniker and artist project Gimenö. Since receiving the DJMag award for Best Spanish Dance Music Production in 2003, the Spanish-born, Berlin-based DJ has released and performed as Leix, hosting numerous parties in leading clubs across Europe and performing at festivals like Off Sonar and ADE. His new artist project serves as a playing ground to experiment and bring together the diverse influences acquired throughout his long-standing career.

The debut LP stays true to his signature underground sound and explores the idea of movement through modulation and polyrhythmic beats for the feeling of constant motion. The work, made during the last four years to create for its own sake, emanates a certain playfulness and willingness to experiment. It incorporates aspects of electronica and techno and reflects the experimentation with different hardware synthesisers, modulars, analogue FX and the latest digital technology for an energetic and captivating release.

The track being premiered is a live rendition of the serene and melodic opening track “Ports”, which gradually builds over pulsing synths and wet plucks, modulated and reversed for a gentle ebb and flow motion. The title defines the source of inspiration; the Els Ports natural park near Aleix’s house where he goes to disconnect from the studio. The live rendition features a slightly faster re-composition of the track using the Elektron Octatrack to better fit the live context and opens directly with the drums and bass to throw us right into the midst of the energy.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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