366 // Velax & CHINOSYNTH – Escape

For their debut on SKYCREW, Velax & CHINOSYNTH cooked a couple of proper Indie Dance gems!

After almost one year from its previous release, the Mexican label SKYCREW Records, curated by Roy Parra aka Tiempo de Maldad (SXDNS173/FREEDL008), is finally back with its freshest episode. “Encounter” is the result of the partnership between Velax and CHINOSYNTH (FREEDL021), two young and promising producers who have embraced the dark instead of the fluffy side of music aiming to deliver their vision of high-quality underground electronic music. On board, providing three awesome remixes from the two originals, Ivan De La Rouch (FREEDL022/032), Aurum Miles, and Corresponsal – equally young and dedicated to delivering dark cuts.

Premiered here, “Escape” brings the duo flirting with their Rock and EBM influences and fusing them with groovy elements in order to deliver a dance-floor-oriented beast. The vibrant and robust theme combines progressive guitar riffs with a bouncing synth layer plus sharp vocal hooks and a ghostly lead, resulting in one of the highlights of the solid EP.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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