365 // A-Tweed – Tangier (CAIN Remix)

Prolific Italian artist A-Tweed is back on Inside Out Records with an unmissable EP. On the remix duties: CAIN and Lucas Croon.

The master of weirdness strikes again! Rome-based producer A-Tweed (SXDNS222/FREEDL029) is one of those artists who has already achieved the goal of every wannabe music maker out there: He managed to find a characteristic sonority even at an early age. Those who follow the career of the Italian virtuoso, whenever bump into one of his originals or remixes, already know what to expect: A Voodoo-meets-Macumba-meets-Acid dance-floor-oriented cut. Such a concoction resulted in a wealthy and vast output that landed his work on vital labels such as Hard Fist, Melomana, Karakter, Playground, Electric Shapes, Tom Tom Disco, HEARec, Logical, Duro, Fines Tier, Sinchi, and Inside Out Records. The latter, for the second time, to bring to life his forthcoming EP, “Rendezvous in Tangier”. Remixes courtesy of Scottish Highlands-born CAIN and Salons des Amateurs resident Lucas Croon.

Premiered here, CAIN’s version seems to have been extremely influenced by the Moroccan city. His interpretation of “Tangier”, despite being brief, delivers a message as abundant as the original. The hypnotism and psychedelia are still there, but the intense and frenzied aura was replaced by a bucolic and Balearic atmosphere.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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