371 // HeartWerk – Shakuhachi

HeartWerk's debut on True Romance brings proper oriental vibes to the dance floor!

Oklahoma-based artist HeartWerk describes himself as a producer of “moody House Music from someone who cares”, and he fails to disappoint those who expect something different. However, “moody” here has to be understood in a more far-reaching way. His music is definitely not (only) temperamental but also capricious, erratic, mercurial, flighty, bouncy, sensitive… you see what we are doing here, right? The list of adjectives can keep going on and on but we believed we made ourselves clear when it comes to the interpretation of HeartWerk’s sonority: It’s definitely 100% dance-floor-oriented. Depending on his “mood”, he can come up with a proper House, Techno, Electro, or Acid House gem.

After appearing in a bunch of good ol’ House Music labels, he now lands on the acclaimed True Romance Records, curated by none other than Tensnake, with a raw & intense single: “Shakuhachi”, named after the “Japanese and ancient Chinese longitudinal, end-blown flute that is made of bamboo”, according to the Wikipedia, delivers a frantic and upbeat message with its bouncing bassline, 90s-infused piano lead, and melodic Shakuhachi-like layer, a message that says “stop Instagramming, drop this fucking cell phone and go get wild surrounded by your sweaty future friends on the dance floor”.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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