372 // JG Outsider – Two Black (9claws Remix)

With remixes by Skelesys and 9Claws, veteran Spanish producer JG Outsider is back on Banshees Records.

We have already mentioned this in one of our reviews: One of the most interesting characteristics of the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene is the fact it gathers artists from many different backgrounds who, enchanted by the dark side of music, decide to start delivering heavily-infused synth cuts. Having kicked off his career in 1984 and hailing from Trance, Progressive, and Techno roots, Javier G√≥mez is one of those seasoned producers who embraced the “new” genres. Under the moniker JG Outsider, this “intruder” has been focusing for the last couple of years on a more Retro/Synthwave sonority. The result can be found on vital labels such as Espacio Cielo, NEIN, Logia, and Banshees – the latter, the home for his forthcoming EP.

The “Two Black” EP brings four well-constructed originals and two bulky remixes made with love by Skelesys (SXDNS139) and 9Claws, solid representatives of the current – and future – generation of high-quality underground electronic music.

Premiered here, 9Claws’ interpretation of the title track is simply bold. The young Russian producer decided to change the mood of JG’s piece by ripping off the aggressive and punchy EBM aura and replacing it with a trippier and more eerie atmosphere. The creative theremin-like layer combined with blunt guitar riffs brings a sort of spooky feeling to the theme, we loved it! You’d better save this one for the Halloween season – you may need it.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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