382 // Ilya Santana & Sandry Sanz – Love Savior (Original Mix)

For the Synth/Retrowave lovers out there, Ilya Santana has a gift for you: His forthcoming album on Astrolead Recordings.

Master Ilya Santana (SXDNS072) is back to his very own Astrolead Recordings with the Chapter 2 of “The Retrowave Album”. If in the first instalment, released in December 2021, he handed over nine impressive originals, he now counts with a well-constructed remix by Seville-based producer Jason Core amid the eleven-track bundle whose main highlight is “Love Savior” with its three alluring versions: vocal mix, instrumental, and the remix itself.

On the vocal duties, Ilya presents once again Sandry Sanz, a talented and experienced multi-genre Spanish singer who has been recurrent in some of his releases, having appeared on “Pain Embracer”, “Retro Love”, and “80s Movie”, to be more precise.

In “Love Savior”, her powerful and emotive voice paired perfectly with the proper synth extravaganza Ilya resourcefully prepared for the occasion. With the help of a deep bassline and percussive elements, the intended retro-futuristic romantic scenario is set.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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