381 // Tiempo De Maldad – Neptune Fog

Tiempo De Maldad lands on Karakter Records with a beguiling EP.

Mexican hot shot Roy Parra aka Tiempo De Maldad (SXDNS173/FREEDL008) makes his debut on the respected Lisbon-based label Karakter Records with the interesting “Neptune Fog”. Featuring three tracks – two originals and a rework of the title track –, the EP is another perfect example of the creativity and production skills of the talented Capitalino artist who successfully manages to combine acoustic instruments with electronic paraphernalia. The result delivers a refreshing and innovative soundscape that encompasses a pretty good deal of genres and sometimes hands over a hard-to-pigeonhole theme.

The title premiered here, for instance, is so rich and dense that we honestly prefer not to accept the challenge of labelling it. Throughout its almost nine minutes, “Neptune Fogs” enchants with beautiful melodies, resourceful percussive elements, an alluring bassline, trippy guitar riffs, and a magical flute blanket made with love by musician Max Stern. Its mysterious and seductive atmosphere is simply enticing!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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