387 // /AMBIANCE\ – Live Four

The debut EP of the enigmatic producer and musician /AMBIANCE\ on Kyma Komplex is definitely something!

The rising and promising Mexican label Kyma Komplex opens its doors for a secretive and mysterious artist. /AMBIANCE\ – that will be also called J. here – is a Nicaraguan musician and producer based in Los Angeles. Having learned to play the saxophone, he toured for three years as part of Maynard Ferguson’s jazz band. Highly influenced by the crazy combination of Cuban music and Booty Bass, he found his passion when it comes to underground electronic music when he had contact with Electro, New Wave, and Freestyle. With a rich sonority inspired by movies & soundtracks, his pieces are brought to life through the competent use of drum machines and analogue synthesizers.

With releases on respected imprints such as Duro and Fauna Reve, “Live“, his debut on Kyma, works as a true showcase of his capabilities by featuring four intricate and well-constructed originals.

Premiered here, the closing track is a mischievous bad boy with frenzied synth layers and leads topped by beautiful trippy pads and an acid-as-hell attitude. A peak time 30-minute-long beast that will make you add J. to your list of “artists to watch“.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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