400 // Parissior Feat. Mike Sacchetti – Say We Want A Revolution (Disco Mortale EBM Remix)

Our 400th premiere assembled some of the best SXDNS friends: Parissior, Mike Sacchetti and Disco Mortale brought the revolution to Espacio Cielo! ✊

We start this review by answering the question asked at the premiered beast we have here: Yes, we want a revolution! We need it! Capitalism has been depleting Earth’s resources to their exhaustion threatening all life on the planet and the profit-over-people policy of the gluttonous zillionaires has been killing us from the inside out! “Say We Want A Revolution”, besides being a massive and hellish tune, works as a wake-up call to the dangers of capitalist realism.

Focusing on the music from now on, Parissior (SXDNS206/FREEDL043) finally managed to deliver his second EP on his own label, the beloved-by-all powerhouse Espacio Cielo. The release is made up of a fresh selection of three works that were kept in his vault since the pandemic times and that express some of the main concerns of the Spanish producer with the status quo. For the title track, Parissior teamed up with Mike Sacchetti (SXDNS168/FREEDL023) and the lads failed big to disappoint in bringing together their darkest and most characteristic influences in order to deliver a stunning piece!

On the remix duties, GUYD (FREEDL011) and Disco Mortale aka Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137/FREEDL006) brought the originals into their respective games. DM, for instance, came up with a proper EBM interpretation of his assignment. To start, the Italian virtuoso decided to spice up things a little bit by speeding up Parissior & Mike’s 115-BPM theme to a more peak-time pace. Riding now on 124 BPM, “Say We Want A Revolution” seems to intend to incite the crowd to start the insurgency right here, right now with its frenzied and provocative atmosphere.

It’s time, people, it’s time!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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