401 // Ian Vale – Loft Music (Ed Mahon Remix)

Ian Vale's debut EP on Paisley Dark comes with high doses of acid. We reviewed Ed Mahon's remix. Check it out!

After contributing to the impactful “Shelter Me/Beats For Beds – The Remix Album”, whose proceeds were donated to the NGO Shelter UK, Ian Vale is back on the cool British label Paisley Dark with an EP to call his own. “Like lots of the tracks I’ve produced, “Loft Music” started out in a completely different place to where it eventually ended up”, said Ian. He also declared that the track was “created during the lockdown – it has been tweaked, played, and fine-tuned to what is now the version presented on this release”. He kindly claimed that he feels incredibly honoured to have remixes by some artists he has genuinely admired and looked up to for some time now. He meant Mindbender, Ed Mahon (SXDNS068), Jezebell, and 33rd December plus Duncan Leitch who reworked the bonus track.

Premiered here, Ed Mahon’s interpretation kept the main aura of the original, especially its acid attitude, but added some extra elements such as trippy synth layers, percussive elements, and a Funk-ish/Disco-ish dash. And before you ask: Yes, cowbells were properly added. But maybe not enough? 😉

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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